Barcodes to put on everything you want!

17 March 2016

Here at Little Zebra Shopper headquarters we are dedicated to get as much fun stuff in your little shop as possible. Now we have found a way for you to make everything in your shop scannable! Just print out the fun new stickers from our website and stick them on everything you want. Now, when you scan the bar code on the sticker, the item will show up in the app. (I hope my explanation is not making it sound complicated, because in reality it isn’t)

Use of the new stickers is free in December 2015, also with Little Zebra Shopper free. In the new year use of the stickers will require an in app purchase.

With Little Zebra Shopper Gold edition, you can use the stickers for free (as well as every new line of products we will invent in the future!)