Little Zebra Shopper goes to the museum

7 September 2016

Do you think museums are all about old stuff or art? Think again. The Bootheel Youth museum in Malden Missouri is all set to inspire and surprise you. And now Little Zebra Shopper is going to be part of an exhibition in this very special museum.

The Bootheel Youth museum has all kinds of fun exhibits. You can literally get shocked in Punky’s lab, that’s all about static electricity. They also have a shadow lab, where your shadow will stick to the wall for a while. And you can practice your medical skills in the medical Center.

The grocery store at Bootheel Youth Museum

Little Zebra Shopper will be part of the Kids Country Mart, which is a pretend grocery store. The grocery store has plastic vegetables and an assortment of empty grocery products.  Kids can “check out” as either customer or clerk at two cash register lanes.

The old Kids Country Market cash registers had no bar code scanners. This is of course a bit too old fashioned for such a cool museum. So Bootheel Youth museum is replacing the old cash registers with cool iPads, with Little Zebra Shopper installed.

From now on the customers in the Kids Country Market can pay with credit card. Or they can pay with the free printable Little Zebra Shopper money.

Of course all of us at Little Zebra Shopper are very exited about this. It is a great honor to be part of this inspiring experience. We wish the people at the Bootheel Youth museum lots of fun with the modernized Kids Country Market. We hope lots of kids will enjoy the new exhibition.