11 January 2017

About Little Zebra Shopper

  • Little Zebra Shopper is the first real scanner cash register app for kids!
  • Little Zebra Shopper scans real bar codes!
  • Little Zebra Shopper sums up the items!
  • Little Zebra Shopper calculates change!
  • Ding dong. Make fun announcements. Ding dong!

Download your toy products!

  1. Download a free pdf with your favorite products from
  2. Print them on thick paper or card
  3. Use the products in your own little play shop

Some sets of products on need to be activated by an in app purchase. Just scan one item of the set and follow the instructions on your iPad , iPhone or tablet. After the in app purchase completes, your kid can play forever with all the products in the set.

Little Zebra Shopper Gold Edition and Little Zebra Shopper XS+ have no in app purchases. With these apps you can use all current and future products of Little Zebra Shopper for ever, for free!

Attention shoppers!

You can do real ‘attention shopper’ announcements. Hold the announcement button as long as you speak. After you release the button, your shoppers will hear your announcement.

Little Zebra Shopper wishes you and your kid a lot of shopping fun!